little nuts and trains

OC just called me from school - crying.
It seems ex BF sent her a big thing of flowers and she doesn't know what to do. She IS a good girl. She is so worried about hurting his feelings. Her best friend is not in school today, so she feels lost. These are the times I love being a parent. It is not often she asks ne for help anymore (at least help that isn't prefixed by dollar signs). Ex BF sure is laying it on thick. I hope he doesn't turn into a stalker.
A friend of mine just told me about a train trip he took to Wisconsin. I listen to a good number of audio books since I drive a lot, and one of my favorites is The Christmas Train by David Baldacci. OC & I were riveted. It made train travel seem so romantic. My vacation goal now is to train across Canada. He is lucky to have that adventure.

Coworker JJ went to school in Wisconsin. She hated it. Not the school - the state. Somehow I am drawn to the midwest, farmland. I find myself connecting with the land on so many levels. In fact, this weekend I connected with the land for hours via an enormously heavy weedwacker! It is hard not to appreciate the rural lifestyle once you are immersed in it. I think, however, that the constriction of the midwestern bible belt would probably render me unconscious. It is difficult to be a democrat in a family full of farmers - Catholic farmers! At first there was a bit of scowling - now we merely nod and look away. After 8 (can it be?) years, they still treat me as a wild an exotic creature.
I must admit, I rather enjoy it.

My friend traveled alone. I think I would need someone to come with me. I have become something of an agoraphobe, and tend not to travel alone if I can help it. However, I do enjoy solitude - a paradox? If hubby is home during the day - or even just earlier than expected - I feel intruded upon. Underneath it all, I am more Mars than Venus in my need for a cave. Good thing hubby is, too. If he were a clingy wimp, I might have to take a rock and kill him. I have found the key is to be married to someone who doesn't mind living alone. A perfect compromise. When we do have time together it is a pleasure instead of a chore.
See? I am a little nuts.

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