if you like pina coladas . . .

I broke my own rule last night.
I have been feeling rather manic over the last week (Coinciding with the miscarriage??), and altogether acting strange.
So I hauled out the pina colada mix and poured myself a TALL one. That is the rule breaking - I never drink on weeknights. Then I went on PartyPoker and was completely obnoxious and ridiculously flirtatious with everyone at the tables. By the time hubby got home at 10, I was plastered, horny and ready for a good roll.
He wasn't. He was dead tired.
Poor guy.
I went to bed alone - alcohol knocks me out - and he fell asleep sitting up. If I hadn't had that drink I could have woken him up and brought him to bed. Another example of bad timing.
Naturally, this morning I told him he was in *big trouble* for not coming to bed. He knows that I am just being stupid, though, and laughed at me.
If you haven't seen it yet, go to chaosdaily's diary and check out the Tractor Day pictures. They are so great! I wish our town embraced the ag life as much as hers does. We are in a weird limbo between Deliverance and Sex and the City. Half of the folks around here are super-rich weekenders, and the other half are toothless lifers. We belong to the third half - the toothless wannabe super-rich. We are the bridge and can connect with both sides. I like talking to the weekenders, but can trust the toothless completely.
I will try to upload a pic of Kitty on one of our cute old tractors. I thought I might also take some pictures of some of the new auction santas we bought. Trying to get stuff to work in this diary is a pain.
Home tournament this weekend for OC. Thank god. EXCEPT - I have to man the concession stand Saturday night. I have avoided all social-parent responsibility up to this point, but somehow could not escape this one. DAG! At least I will be hanging with MM's blind mom, Joanne. Crap - she won't be able to do much though, will she?
Curses! Foiled again!
Someday I will tell you all about the very interesting email relationship I have going right now. Or maybe not. There are still unwanted readers visiting this page :(
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