Thursday, Jul. 28, 2005

the big move

where have you been?
Life is crrraaazzzyyy here.
OC has moved out of her dad's house entirely and that has caused quite a ruckus.
Much crying and carrying on.
Not OC - her grandma (who her dad lives with at 47)and her dad who is trying to guilt trip OC something fierce.
Naturally, I am feeling extremely vindicated by the experience. All those years of that side buying OC everything under the sun trying to win her love, yet being hurtful and neglectful at every turn. It has finally come back to haunt them.
Hooray for the good guys!
One might think OC is tore up about this - but not so.
She is so strong and funny.
She had a particularly amusing exchange with her dad the other day in which she told him that if he didn't spend so much $$ on pot he could probably afford to get his own apartment.
I love it!
So there has been much rearranging of furniture and schedules to accomodate the influx of crap and lack of rides.
A small price for some stability for OC.
Brother Tom took my advice to heart and cut off his ponytail with a pair of hedge clippers.
Not kidding.
Sometimes that kid is just too loopy.
Now he has to figure out how he wants to style it, and go get the cut finished.
Got my wireless thingy connected finally, so now I can take my laptop outside. That makes me so happy. OC's computer is too old to connect wirelessly, so she will be getting one after the house closes.
OH yeah!
The buyers signed the contract and gave the big deposit, so we are really on our way now. We also got another offer this week - so we have two back-ups waiting. You would think my house was made of gold. This area is really becoming expensive. Tiny houses that used to sell for $120,000 on .25 acre are now going for $300,000 or more. It must SUCK to be a young couple with kids trying to live here. We are so lucky to have gotten into real estate when we did.
Later I will tell you all about our fabulous anniversary dinner!
Happy day after our anniversary!
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