Sunday, Jan. 01, 2006

happy to be stuck with you


Chaos chaos chaos

Broken laptop.
Ruptured disc.
Open heart surgery.
snow snow snow

then of all things,

I have a lot to talk about, and it will come out in drips and drabs as I find time to update.
The key points:
Everyone is alive and relatively well.
OC is major field hockey talent and the heroine of her team - YAY
My house is sold so now I am rich-er
Finally got my diamond ring for Xmas from hubby. YAY YAY
Baby Sis married Scot in Scotland in October - we didn't go.
Whole house is currently obsessed with Duke Men's basketball.
Have you tried the Godiva Cappucino liqueur? OMG - fabulush!
My frickin business website is so sweet. I must be such a goddamned genius.

If you are an old reader and have not lost your faith in me, THANKS!
I will try to do better.

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