Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2005


Therem are so many cool new banners.
I just want to click all day.
The trial is over.
We won.
It was a very interesting experience.
So much time is wasted. The trial was supposed to start at 9:30 each morning and run until 4:30 every afternoon. Not ONCE did we adhere to that schedule. We were "in trial" for 5 days, but for a total of only approx. 20 hours. So much sitting and waiting.
The lawyers were all very good. I told mine that during the closing arguments I was agreeing with the defense as much as him.
He said, "Me too."
Fortunately for us the defendant (landlord) is a convicted drug dealer and ACTED LIKE ONE during the trial. The jury hated him.
So ultimately we won the verdict, and then settled for the dollar amount.
I will not disclose here what we got as there are people who read this who do not need to know these things. Suffice it to say OC is pleased - remember this whole thing is about the pit bull attack she suffered at 10. The $$ will be held in trust until she is 18. A hard way to make money.
My house is closing soon. The buyers have the mortgage commitment and we are waiting for the lawyers to get back from vacation. I can't wait to have all my bills paid and have a shitload of money in the bank. I am tempted to get something really cool for myself, but I think I am too chicken to actually do it. I thought I would be more upset about not being a homeowner anymore (the farm is not in my name) but I feel relieved to have it off my back. Besides, we still have the lakehouse, and eventually this place will be mine, too. My FIL (hubby's partner in the farm) already says it is my house.
Henry is chsing Brother Tom all the time and trying to sink his little claws in his leg.
We laugh and laugh.
He is our Watch-Rooster!!
Go Henry, go Henry!
We are going to the racetrack on Sunday. Hooray!
I always win at least 3 exactas EVERY TIME!!
Hubby once won an exacta for $888.00. THAT rocked.
The most I have ever won on a single bet was $120. Not too shabby.
MMk - time to make the pear tart tatin.
Made pumpkin butter yesterday, apple butter the day before, and peach cobbler filling last weekend.
I am a canning whore.
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