I am I said

I GOT THEM!!!!!!!!
Woo hoo!!!!!
Neil Diamond tickets went on sale this morning and I was 5th in line!!! HOORAY!!
2 tickets Row C seats 1 & 2 Aisle!! Is there anything better than a Neil Diamond concert really????
We had such a great time at the last one. Hubby is a huge fan too, and called which songs would be the encore exactly. I was so sore and hoarse the next day. The first time we went we sat in the nosebleed section, not knowing any better, and I thought I was going to fall everytime I stood up to dance. Last time we were on the floor, but in the middle of the row. This time is perfect. 1st level on the aisle. There were a bunch of blue hairs ahead of me in line, and they treated me like a johnny-come-lately. I guess I am to them. It was fun to see everyone so excited!
OC thought she might want to go, but begged off last night. I think she would have gone had Baby sis not left town. Then it would have been a real party! Sweet Caroline dum dum DUM!
My favorite song is Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show, and he always does it with such enthusiasm. I worship at the church of Neil.
I bought these pants for work - they are actually jeans, but they are khaki - and they have a lower rise than I am used to. Now when you have a tiny ass, a low rise can be cute (a la OC). However on an enormous ass, it it just plain wrong. I abhor trying things on, so did not realize rise problem until pants were home. And I am so bad about buying new clothes, I HAD to wear them immediately or go nekkid. So they fit reasonably well while standing, and when I sit i mash my ass into the back of my manager's chair to prevent massive slippage. BUT - when I stand up I invariably have to pull up the rear to prevent overexposure. Now I have just ripped the friggin belt loop that is my handle of preference. I now have a fairly new pair of jeans with a hole in the back which brings further attention to the fact they are slipping down my ass.
This begs the question:

Why do they even MAKE LOW RISE jeans in my size???? How could they possibly ever work on a plus size woman without making her look even more PLUS???? Jesus. So I must wear xtra long shirts to cover my mistake. And we all know how thin those things make us . . .

I truly believe it is NOT better to have been thin and fattened up than to never have been thin at all. :(

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