a real mother of a day

It is finally mother's day. I don't know why exactly, but I have completely bought into the idea that I get to do whatever I want today. Of course, it is an appealing thought on any day, but today everyone else seems to agree.
Hubby and I agreed last night to go out to breakfast this morning. When I woke up however, I felt more like breakfast in bed. This didn't sit so well with him. Apparently he really looks forward to mother's day too, as usually what I want to do is something fun and relaxing, and he can blame me if not enough work gets done.
So ultimately, we are getting ready to go out to breakfast, because after all, being a mother is all about sacrifice, right? ~~ OK - we are back finally! Good breakfast after all. Tried to go to tiny town barn for brunch, but all 6 tables were full so we opted out. Instead went to big town diner with teenage waitresses, and had good food with bad service. Something about sausage with french toast makes me all warm and fuzzy. After eating, we went to buy my great! mother's day present! An almost top-o-the-line Rowenta iron. Hubby was astonished at the price, but thankfully he believes in great equipment. The plan is to never buy another iron. We shall see. We also went to look at temporary buildings for the farmstand. We found a really beautiful board & batten cedar shed with great dutch doors and windows at a *clearance* price. Of course I was ready to buy it today, but I think Hubby was a little shell-shocked from the iron and wants to think about it. I could just picture how great my stuff would look on display in there. I can't wait to actually have walls around me this season. We have been working out of tents for the past several years, and I think it makes us look unserious and cheap. Who is going to pay $6 for jam in a roadside tent for chrissakes? ~~ The house is now full of smoke. A bird built a nest in the chimney and we are now all sandy eyed and smelly. I love the country!
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