Put new banners out there. Baby Kitty in the snow. She is so awesome!
Survivor last night ROCKED! I can't believe Janu quit! I would love to have Stephanie win the whole thing, but it seems impossible. The the Apprentice was not a surprise. Bren and Alex are such dimwits. It sure seems like Tana is a shoo in. Why hasn't the Donald changed his hair yet? I know he must watch the show. How bald can he possibly be? With all that cash and he still has appearance issues. God, if he can't fix things, what hope is there for me?
Still trying to lose weight. Trying and trying and trying. I do so well until about 9pm and then everything is out the window. This time it was K's ice cream. Bastard! I told him not to have it in the house. Like somehow my lack of control could be his fault . . .
OC is being remarkably bitchy. I don't even think she is PMSing. She was fine during the meeting with Lawyer, then self-destructed. She is so tall, it is hard not to treat her as an adult instead of a 15 yr old. I reread my entry from a month ago about OC and sex. I am such a schmuck. Not a week later OC and BF of the moment screwed right in my house. She told me about it several days later. At least I have given her a conscience. The ensuing meeting with OC and BF consisted of me being understanding, yet threatening jail time and castration. Somehow I didn't think I would be in that situation ever. I am so stupid. I did it to my parents - it is just fucking karma. or "FUCKING KARMA" as it were.
Now BF does not come over, and I am more afraid of what happens away from our house . . .
Lawyer is optimistic, though it looks like we are not due for the big bucks. We need to have new pictures of the scars taken by a pro, and go to the plastic surgeon to get a new evaluation. The trial date is set for early July. I hope it doesn't interfere with field hockey camp. I would be out $530. :(
If you dont know the back story, OC was attacked by a pit bull in her paternal grandmothers backyard when she was 10. GM knew about pitbull, dog belonged to neighbor who was renting, and landlord had been menaced/attacked before. OC ha d 75 stitches in her leg. We are suing EVERYONE. The doctors bills so far are about 12k. There is no way I am going to pay a dime. Ironically, the party most responsible, the dog owner, is penniless, skipped town, and just this year declared bankruptcy washing our claim down the drain. Don't most vicious dogs belong to low-class deadbeats anyway? And the rest of us regular citizens end up in the ER. Fucking ridiculous
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