Pit bull hell

Oh for Christs's sake! What does it take to get pregnant these days?
I am so tired of having sex on a schedule. Tired and sometimes not into it at ALL. Egads! Since the miscarriage, sex is all business. I can't remember the last time we had wild, crazy monkey love. Maybe we have been married too long . . .?
~~ Big appointment with dog bite lawyer today. Maybe he will have an offer for us? Probably not. I can't believe we are 5 years into this and still haven't resolved it. At least the extra time has allowed OC (only child) time to grow into the idea of reconstructive surgery. She actually approached me with questions about scar revision which is very very exciting!
Baby sis leaves in one week for the other side of the pond. SHIT. I never could have fathomed how much this is affecting everyone. We really depend on her sooo much. She is a great friend and even better sister. I sure hope it works out. I know there are people happy to see her get away from here, but they don't know what the fuck they are talking about.
Maybe grilled chicken for dinner . . . Is there a conflict if I BBQ chicken right next to Henry our rooster? Think he would notice?? He might strut extra hard.
Dad is coming to visit in three weeks. Big scary visit. Preparations have already begun. Mad scrubbing and furniture moving. Must find all errant puppy poops! The little hard ones are especially sneaky on the brown shag . . .
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