Donít get jealous when I tell you this.

I had a root canal yesterday. I know. How lucky can a girl get?!?
I knew it was coming, but I thought it would just be a consultation yesterday, and then I could psyche myself up for the invasion at a later date. Boo.
The dentist is a specialist Ė only does root canals, so he is very good. I was flipping out in the chair and told him I am NOT GOOD with any kind of dental work. He was like, Ok, but Iím going to do it anyway. Der
The Novocain had adrenaline in it and my heart was racing. I really thought I might have a heart attack. But ultimately, he was very good. He reamed the shit out of my tooth and I didnít feel a thing. I was exhausted by the time I got home and fell asleep early. It felt good to sleep so deeply.
Iíve been lately thinking about my lifeís time . . .
I am in the odd position of seeing my ex on a regular basis. The odd part is I donít think we are yet over one another. It is that strange place between breaking up and at peace. Though it has been 10 years (count Ďem) he haunts me nearly every night. My hubby knows all about him, and even that I dream about him, but is not threatened. I love my husband. He is kind and good and sweet and sexy.

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