Why when a person is inexperienced is she "green", but when she has lots of experience, she is called "jaded"??? How the hell are we supposed to keep this shit straight?
Annoyance of the day thus far: logging in to check my hits and my OWN banner pops up. I don't really need to be lured to my own diary. Der... To add insult to injury, I don't even click through. :(
~Worked out this morning with Kitty barking and scratching at the door the whole time. I think she has some separation issues. As it is, she is on my lap now (curled up like a tiny snail) and my LAPtop is on the arm of the couch forcing me to twist to the left quite uncomfortably. BUT we must not disturb the baby. Last night it was freezign in the house, and I had her sleeping on my chest while we watched TV. As she fell deeper into sleep, she stretched herself out so her head and neck were draped across my neck. This caused me to AGAIN twist uncomfortably and strain to see the TV. All in all, I still think it is worth it. We will probably, in the best of all worlds, only be able to enjoy her company for 17-20 years. I can twist that long.
Big party here tomorrow night. Tom, the older of my 2 brothers is graduating from college this year (so is my other brother and my aunt!). We took him in 6 years ago, and I like to think we had a lot to do with him getting into school. Anyway, his b-day was also a few days ago, so we are haiving a joint party for everyone who he is close to here. He doesn't have that many friends, as the move to come out here was 3000 miles, but my family has taken him into their lives. (he is my dad's kid from his 2nd wife). I think I will make chicken stuffed with spinach & goat cheese. I will do anything to cook with goat cheese. We are expecting 13 people, so a couple of weeks ago I made a new table for our dining room. My hubby & I don't believe in spending a lot of $$ on furniture, so we don't really have a dedicated dining room table. This one I made is the size of a queen bed, and a flat sheet makes a perfect tablecloth. When we have our Xmas Eve party, we seat 28 people for dinner, and we have those folding tables that fit perfectly in our dining room. They are not really suitable for a more intimate dinner.
We usually play games at all of our parties, but Hubby doesn't really enjoy them and told me not to plan any. THEN I suggested musical chairs (b/c Tom is a musician) and Hubby got all stoked. So a form of musical chairs played to Tom's music in on the agenda. So now I must clean enough for an evening party. This house is huge, so I can only do what I can do. Whatever I clean now will be less to clean before my dad comes. He has never been here, and I am sure will have lots to say about the house. It really make us look MUCH richer than we are. (I can feel the stress building already)

I didn't think I had that much to say today. I guess I am done.

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