it's sno-ho-ho-ho-ho-ing!

Snowing! It always reminds me of PeeWee’s Xmas special. Makes me want to put on my snowsuit and run around screaming.
Why does PMS always make me so crazy? I can always tell when I am about to get my period because the rage just wells up in me. I can actually feel it coming. It is like warning shots over my bow. Sometimes I heed them, sometimes I don’t. My hubby has come to recognize some of the signs – but is not a perfect decoder. He got caught in the maelstrom Sunday and attempted to walk home (15 miles) without a coat rather than murder his beloved. This man is good.

But, you know, he really SHOULDN’T have told to me “watch out!” while driving . . .

So now I bleed and bleed – day after day. It is much worse and more painful since the miscarriage. I wonder if it will ever stop.

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