It is cold in my house. My hubby is a heat nazi. We have wood furnace with two vents for a 3500 sq ft house. I think we should turn the actual oil furnace on at least once a day - esp since we are living in the arctic. So I chill in the chill and wait for him to go outside so I can flip the red switch.
My daughter is 15. I am so scared for her. Her friends are slutty girls who brag about oral sex. I know she hasn't done it yet (read:hope) but it is not far away. I can remember how sad and small I felt the first time I did it to a boy. I would almost rather she has full on sex first - less demeaning. She is not currently BFed, so maybe the worry is for naught.
Baby sis is gearing up to move far away with much older man. Family is up in arms as he has been married twice and she is so young. She assures us she is smart and contemplative. Still, she seems too young to throw it all in with a 2 time loser. We like him, we just feel he is being selfish.
So much to say - but enough for first entry. Time to make the donuts.
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