scavenger hunt

3o minute meals has to be the best show on TV. Rachael Ray is too cute and easy to listen to. I used to keep a legal pad on my lap and try to write everything down until I realized foodnetwork.com has all the recipes ALREADY! AMAZING!
uh-oh I think puppy#2 just pooped somewhere in the house. It is like a scavenger hunt that I don't want to win. Trouble is, if I don't find it first, I have to listen to a lot of "fuck"s and "goddammit"s when hubby gets in from plowing. So on to the search as soon as I am done . . .
Have been reading some super diaries - and, actually, so not so super ones. Obviously there is much more brain power around than we are given credit for.
Listened to Naomi Klein (sp?) on NPR during lunch. Could she be more interesting????? I feel like I am so much smarter after listening to Alternative Radio. All the Bush supporters should be required to listen to AR to open their minds. Look at all the right wing crap we have to hear all day. It is nice to have an outlet for undistilled truth.
Lots of snow - heavy wet snow. Almost lost the Jeep in a perpendicular slide down the driveway (it is very long). TG for 4WD.
OK puppy#1 has left the room - could be a longer hunt if I don't get running.
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