Stan the Man

When Baby Sis moved to Scotland I reacquired my buddy, Stanley the Cat. Originally, I had adopted him when we lived in my house. He is a fantastic cat, and we love him very much, however, when we decided to move to the farm, we could not bring him. This place is full of coyotes and foxes, and poor Stan is without front claws (not my doing! NEVER)
So Baby Sis moved into my house and took over mothering Stan. It was a very nice relationship by all accounts. Stan is one of those cats who comes when you call him, talks back to you, and gets up on his hind legs like a dog so you can pet him.
Come to think of it, he and Kitty must be separated at birth!
So Baby Sis abandoned us, and in the process, poor Stan. We still didn't feel we could bring him to the farm, but we formulated a compromise: Stan can come to the farm, but not in the house (3 dogs + 1 male cat = cat pee everywhere - blecch!)
We have an old two story ice house

which is currently sitting unused, so we decided to put him in there. I brought him up yesterday - yelling at me all the while - and installed him in his new home. He is surprisingly calm and happy. Truthfully, Stan is an independent cat, who just happens to know how to amuse humans.
It turns out I removed him from my house just in the nick of time, as some head-up-her-ass realtor called my agent's office and said she was going to call the humane society on me. Of course I called her immediately and told her what a stupid arrogant bitch she was to assume she knew the circumstances surrounding Stanley's presence in the house (well, not actually in those words - more like, "Don't you think it would be a good idea to find out the whole story before you throw a stranger under the bus?").
Don't you know, if she brings an offer on my house that is one penny less than asking I am going to tell her to shove it up her ass (or something like that ).
So we are now a family of 8. Wow that is a lot considering we don't have any livestock (no, Henry is our friend!).
I am going to go take pictures of Stanley and his new house now.

And if by some chance you have not had the opportunity to see this, you must go RIGHT NOW!

This is my favorite of all our barns

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