Friday, Jun. 10, 2005

note to self . . .

Are you guys like me? There are some diaries that you love to read so much, you are sorely disappointed when you log-on and they haven't updated?
How lame is that? Not them - ME!
Note to self: Only retards say, "Note to self."

I spent many MANY hours last night creating our new webpage for the farm on Bravenet. I went through all the clicks and clicks to pay for the domain name and sign up for hosting, but when I tried to look at my webpage - no dice.
On my account I could see that I had paid for it, and some other places within the site acknowledged that the domain is mine, but when I entered the url in the address bar "Cannot display page."
I sent Bravenet an email, and supposedly Tyler (der - whoever) is looking into my problem.
This frickin' website!
Anyway, my homepage looks pretty cool in preview mode. I even added a map link that puts a perfect red star right where our market is/will be.
I am very psyched to get all kinds of hits and business from this new site. I am just naive enough to think it will impact us this year.
Please don't burst my bubble.
90 degrees everyday with 400% humidity. We are so lucky to live so close to such a dangerous city, have such an extreme climate, and be the hotbed of Lyme disease. :) I don't know how I could ever live anywhere else . . .
(You can't, bozo. You married a FARMER.)
We have decided to get a pool. A big decision it would seem, however, our life is in perpetual slow-motion. So this decision isn't expected to be acted upon for at least 2 years. You girls with husbands who spend too much money don't know what you are missing!! You could be like me, and wait better than 2 months to get a used car to replace the totalled one - or better - 6 months to get a puppy. Who the hell can WAIT to get a puppy???? I did. Not fun.
Truth be told, the only reason we got Kitty then is I was planning a trip to South Carolina without hubby, and he was afraid I would come back with a puppy without his input. Sometimes you just have to push the envelope.
Big thanks to chaosdaily for noticing how happy Stanley looks. He can always use the ego boost.
Hit Me Baby One More Time - XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
I can watch that and Dancing With the Stars on loop.
This time I have the added excuse that I was sitebuilding WHILE watching, so I am not a complete loser.
Back to the grind at the Evangelical HR.
2 duh loo Did anyone else notice I am talking to myself a lot??
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