I am so glad I found chaosdaily's blog! Hopefully someday soon I will have chaos daily as well when we open our farm market!
Last season I ran around like a madperson working at the Evangelical Office 40 hours (I am not evangelical - everyone else is- the church of HR), then going home and cooking for the farmstand at night. I made some awesome jams and jellies, and in season, baked bread, pies, cakes and cookies, and made fudge. It was exhausting but exhilarating when our customers would come back again and again for something I made.
This year I want to be more efficient with my time. I have decided to make just the raspberry and grape jams since those are homegrown. The rest I will order private label until my commercial kitchen is complete. There is also a small ready to bake pie company about an hour away that I would like to try, because pies to me are the worst. I can do it with some success, but I really hate it. My mother is the queen of all pies, and really tried to get me as excited about it as she is. But she had a 40+ year jump on me, and at this age I don't think I have the patience to pull it off.
Luckily, my number one seller, coconut macaroons, are easy easy to make, and I don't mind it at all. Plus I am not a big fan, and won't eat all of the inventory! Not so for the chocolate dipped choc chip cookies!!!
OC gave me an early Mother's Day present. The 3rd season of Gilmore Girls on DVD!!!! Hooray! Of course, it was already opened, and she had watched the first one without me, but let's face it - I would have done the same.
Thanks OC!!!! Kissy kissy
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