Human Resources

A true IM following a visit to an employer to discuss the sexual harrassment of a waitress who was boldly groped by the chef while working:

JJ: So I learned that at (restaurant) they make sandwiches with the girls that work there.
JJ: two guys on the outside, a girl in the middle.
JJ: nice,huh
DF: is that on the menu?
JJ: comes with a side of fries
JJ: Lawsuit to go
DF: geesh
DF: it must a pannini since the outside is HOT
JJ: right!
JJ: So (HR director) is like, "uh Huh" and keeps a total poker face.
JJ: I couldn't help a grin, cause I'm like "holy shit!"
JJ: I am not so good at HR
DF: What is the outcome of this new recipe?
JJ: nothing.
JJ: (HR Dir.) will have a follow up conversation with the girl and tell her that she should not touch the guys (which everyone said she does all the time) and that's it.
DF: poor thing
JJ: It is a good example of how a woman is instantly defamed when she reports something like this.
JJ: No doubt she was inappropriate at times herself, but that was clearly the environment.
JJ: It doesn't justify the treatment here.

Makes you understand that young girl on L&O SVU each week who "just can't tell."

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