Wednesday, Jul. 20, 2005

Ain't it peachy?


Kitty is up for Chin of the Month!
I sent in a picture of her, and she is now in the running for Chin of the Month for July!!

You know it is true. It IS an honor just to be nominated.


Still not pregnant.

Maybe my eggs are too old.
Maybe hubby & I are chemically incompatible.
I dread going through infertility treatment. I don't even want to talk to the doctor about it. The last time they tried to take blood, the nurse wiggled the needle around inside my arm and wrist for 10 minutes before I got up and walked out. I almost passed out.
And that was the "good" nurse. The fuckers. I told them I did not have good veins and needed a really experienced needle person. I know there are some nurses etc. out there who read me.
Any ideas?
I have been told my veins "roll".
Everything about me can be associated with "roll" -s, -ing, -ed.
Now THAT is depressing.
Brother Tom is up for the week. Fresh from the west coast, he complains incessantly about the heat. HAR HAR HAR.
He will be working with hubby, and I am sure hating every minute of it.
Do I want to talk about the Supreme Court nominee?
Not really.
I was ticked that I missed part of Big Brother for the announcement though.
Bush has a way of interfering with my best reality tv watching. Isn't that what the NEWS is for? Do I really need to watch him say it? I think not.
Rock St*r INXS is so great!!!!!!!
Methinks the black guy is a little light in the loafers though.
I don't LOVE any of the girls, but the two tall dark cute boys are terrific. The one guy - I have no idea of their names - channels David Byrne in a big way. I love him.
I think I will marry him.
Maybe he will buy me a big diamond ring.
Then I can leave him for hubby, and save hubby some bucks.
Does anyone else use their pannini maker for hamburgers? It works great!
I slice up thick yellow onions and grill them first, then put the burgers on with a little worcestershire. You can't beat it.
Peach season starts soon. I am not looking forward to processing those buggers. Again, if anyone has any ideas for quick processing of peaches let me know. I am planning on at least 100 pounds this year.
Peach Jam
Peach pie/cobbler filling
Peach tarts
Everybody loves peaches! ~~ BTW - yesterday's quote came from the very funny movie "Head of State" with Chris Rock, lest you think I meant it . . .

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