Monday, Jul. 18, 2005

Cheese & Turkey

What a long weekend again!
I donít know how many more weekends I can take. I am so much more rested during the week when I act responsibly and actually go to bed before midnight.
OC has departed for field hockey camp. She text messaged me immediately to report there are girls there from *gasp!* Gtown! (our town). Since OC goes to school in neighboring Rtown, she doesnít know any Gtown kids, so this is a big deal. When I talked to her later that night she told me they are very nice, and she hopes to become friends with them. I hope she does, too. It would be nice to be able to tell her to jump on her bike and go to a friendís house rather than drive her hither and yon every 2 seconds.
While OC spends a good amount of time at her dadís house, when she is away like this, I miss her a lot. She gets homesick, too, so we talk even more.
Saturday I finished Da Vinci Code.
Can I tell you the *twists* were not that twisty? I hate it when I know what is going to happen! The twists then become annoying rather than startling.
The only thing I had not figured out was the identity of the people at the Roslyn chapel. That was surprising, yet corny and not interesting to me at all. In fact, at that point, I felt like I had fallen into a Nicholas Sparks novel Ė drowning in cheese.
The best part of the book was putting together the clues, and learning about the symbolism.
APPLE? For chrissakes! How retarded. Duh. I canít believe it took so many chapters for these geniuses to figure that one out.
Anyway, despite the sour taste the last part left in my mouth, I can still recommend the book. It is a very good ride, for both the thinking and beach reader. It will be interesting to see what they do with the movie.
I started Until I Find You on Saturday, also.
It is slow going. Used to be Johnís books would grab me by the front of the shirt and haul me through them at breakneck speed. These days, he seems to have become more reflective and less witty. Such is aging I guess.
There is one sentence that I read over and over trying to make sense of it. I must have read it 20 times. He can be very obtuse. When I get home, I will see if I can locate it and post it here for your evaluation. (Then you will have a good clue of how dumb I really am . . .)
Yesterday was hubbyís BIG family reunion.
It was only 95 degrees and humid and still. They had a pool but didnít bother to inform the out-of-towners, so we sat and dripped sweat all afternoon.
Another terrific idea was to have a Thanksgiving dinner in July. While it might sound good in theory, hot turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, squash, oyster casserole (yum!), and coleslaw is not exactly the menu for coolifying your overheated guests.
The food was reasonably good, as was the company. The tryptophan hangover was nearly unbearable, however and the party fell apart soon after.

Later I will tell you all about the funeral home we visited.
Have you ever been in the body room???

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