Thursday, Jul. 14, 2005

jesus and voicemail

I think I am the last person in the world to read Da Vinci Code, but at least that will allow for a great dialogue on the subject. I cannot put it down. And neither can
LILY because she ate the spine right off the sucker. I still have the dustjacket intact (doesn't everyone remove the dustjacket while reading a hardcover book??) so I think I can just slip it back on and Mom will never know . . . Unless she is reading this WHICH she claims she doesn't. This will be the true test, eh?
Anyway, this book . . . What to think? First of all, the action/timeline is so compelling. There have been few books in recent years that have grabbed me in the same way. I remember back in '91 Silence of the Lambs had that effect - before it came out in the theaters. I read it in 1.5 days and then couldn't sleep. This book I am not reading as quickly - primarily bc I have to do other things like work and drive OC everywhere - but I am rocketing through it at every available opportunity (which mostly involves *alone* time in the bathroom . . .)
The questions it brings up about Christianity and, by association, religion in general, are things I have thought for a long time. I am not interested in getting into a religious debate, as I think that these matters are best left private. This is what is running through my mind at present. The idea of Jesus being a great man who was later *elected* to be the Son of God is supported by a speech I heard given by a Cardinal who was in the Papal conclave this spring. He talked about having lunch with the new pope before he was elected pope (sorry so many "pope"s, but I forget his given name) and how he was a regular guy who was very smart and devout. But then he said right after the election, the new pope was transformed - he was no longer that guy, he was *the Holy Father* - in a split second. I think that is what it is all about. You have to buy into the whole thing for it to work for you. I am not well educated in religion, it has never been an interest of mine. This book has stirred something in me - I think it is my *I told you so* muscle, but we shall see
How boring am I?
Have I told you I love the Rock Star INXS? They dumped Wil last night - good riddance. He was purty, but so weak. I like the black Mohawk guy, the no shirt guy and the long blonde hair in 3 pony tails girl. I think there was one more guy I liked - the guy who went last the other night. There is so much more talent on this show than on American Idol. Plus the music rocks. I would love to be in that audience jumping up and down.
For six months I have been dealing with this:
(email from me to entire office)
Hi everybody
Just a reminder:
I received another new voice mail message sometime yesterday.
I am not able to access the voice mail on my phone. It is still in (Boss's daughter's) voice and password, so I cannot get the message.
If someone calls for me and I am not here, please take a message or even ask them to email me.
What the hell? Boss's daughter has not attempted to clean up the voicemail attached to my phone, and said, "Gee, I really don't remember my password . . " when I queried her.
Yeah, but don't give it a SHOT.
Good plan.
You are going to be a *great* manager.
More OC bb tonight and back to the scene of the great tooth disaster. Maybe just soup & mashed taters . . .

Dreaming of a crunchwrap supreme . . . thanks chaos!

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