Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2005

Until I Find You

We went to court yesterday.

The best thing about court?
The air conditioning. It must have been 60 degrees in there with NO humidity.
If I were a juror in a trial in that climate for a week. I would be tickled pink with my $8/day stipend and courthouse food! And I know I would be inclined to give the plaintiff whatever the hell she wanted just because I was so damn happy.

Well, our day did not go exactly like that.
The trial was adjourned for another two weeks because the judge was ALREADY IN THE MIDDLE OF ANOTHER TRIAL.
Isn’t this something he could have told us before I used a fricking vacation day?!?!?!
On top of that the defendants’ lawyers are not willing to settle yet.
So we wait.
Maybe another couple of weeks will loosen their purse strings. I am not looking to get rich – I just want those goddamned bills paid.
Kitty is now bleeding everywhere. Heat, methinks. EvilD gave me a great idea to stem the tide with PANTIES! Apparently it is an old Evil family trick.
I am going to give it a shot. If she leaves them on, I will take a picture.
I wanted to do the survey thingy that EvilD had group tagged with, but since I *could be* at work now . . ., that will have to wait.
Thanks EvilD!
Lots of interest in aforementioned coffee syrups.
All the girls I work with love this time of year as it is my “testing” season. There have been many remarks lately about *ready to be your guinea pig now!*
I have perfected a super indulgent peanut butter & chocolate tart that I think will sell like . . . well . . . peanut butter & chocolate tarts! Much oohing and ahhing and requests to order.
Unfortunately, I am not in a shipping mode yet, but when I am, I will let you all know! Part of the point of having the website is to develop the web-based market. Hey! Maybe I will have a Dland Discount!
Does anybody know where I can pick raspberries? Still looking
OC is off to field hockey camp at Vassar next week. This will be the first time she has spent the night on a college campus! Very exciting! I hope those hallowed halls rub off on her.
We had a great time hanging out yesterday. I was dying DYING to try that new round thingy at Taco Bell that everyone tells me is SUPER!!, but OC talked me into Cracker Barrel. I guess it was better for me anyway . . .

Who secured a copy of Until I Find You on the first day it was available????
Yeah – ME.
Buying John Irving’s books is such a holy experience for me.
I carried it to the checkout at Barnes & Noble (smelling the coffee shop tantalizingly close, yet ridiculously expensive every step of the way) with such reverence. I wanted to tell the oddly pierced checkout boy what an important thing he was doing while he was ringing me up.
Alas, I didn’t.
He would just have nasty things to say about me later anyhoo.

After books, we found a terrific clothing store Pay/Half. I had never heard of it before, and we thought it would be crappy, but when we walked in we were thrilled at the selection and the PRICES.
I got two V-neck shirts for $11, and OC got a beautiful peasant skirt for $12! Very exciting!
If you can find one near you, go take a look! What do you have to lose?

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