Monday, Jul. 11, 2005

laundry, sluts, and cookery

Who can really get more than 4 loads of laundry done in a weekend? Who are these people? I petered out Sunday afternoon at load 4. It still sits in the dryer wrinkling and mildewing. If I don't remember to take it out this afternoon, I will have to run it through again. YOU know what I mean. I will bet each of you (with your own w&d) has had to wash a load twice because you forget about it. I once washed the same load 4 times in a row. The clothes ended up really clean and no worse for the wear.
I put up a makeshift clothesline on the side of the house between two trees. The wind was such that my sheets all bunched in one place (b/c of course I don't have clothes pins) and I kept having to run out and spread them out again. Eventually they dried enough to fold (sloppily, as the fitted sheet still confounds me) and put away. All other clothes went in the dryer.
Kitty broke out last night.
She is in heat now, and there had been a mysterious stranger lurking around the house at night. She stands at the window like Juliet whining for her love.
Last night she met him.
Christ. If it is the dog we had seen earlier, it is a big dog (actually not dissimilar from Don's new dog!) She was gone at least 1/2 hour, and when she came back to the house I checked her privates. Yup. I am no expert, but I imagine that is exactly what it must look like after copulation.
So Kitty must be fixed immediately. No doubt a litter of such large dogs will kill her. She hs to go in this week. We were planning on fixing her anyway, but not this soon.
How come all of my adolescent children are so loose with their virtue?
We did more planning for the farm market yesterday - driving all over creation looking at buildings. We found one that I really like, so now I must lobby. Hubby wants to build it himself, despite admitting the possibility of him FINISHING it in time for the opening of grapes is remote. For all of you who are with contractors - or are contractors- you know what I mean. The family is always the last on the list.
I also made some flavored coffee syrups in my test kitchen. The coconut, cinnamon, and vanilla came out the best. The spice needed more spice, and the creme de menthe was way too strong. I am excited about creating a new product line which is relatively easy to make and will be non-perishable.
Bad news. Hubby took it upon himself to cut back the raspberries last year, and now we have beautiful bushes, but no berries. Now I have to go pick somewhere else and pay for them. My raspberry jam was the highlight of the canning season, and I know I will have many customers clamoring for it.
Nice move, hubby o' mine . . .
This is the week of the pit bull trial. Meeting today with fabulous attorney, then trial starts tomorrow. Not the best way to use my vacation time, but it won't hurt so much if we win.
I will keep you all posted.
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