Friday, Jul. 08, 2005

ready for my implants

Who is that girl that burned at buttload of gas yesterday at $2.57/gallon for no reason?
oh yeah
OC had another summer league game last night in Ptown about 45 mintues from home. Once again I rushed home and changed my clothes and jumped on super stationary bike and pedalled like mad until I was all sweaty and the beeper beeped and I rushed and redressed (all sweaty) in more presentable clothes than my cycling shorts (which when you have an incredibly fat ass, are not the things to wear out with the other *sports* parents - or any parents really) and grabbed a water bottle and OC and ran out to the Jeep and drove the 45 minutes to Ptown and the unimaginably huge and hi-tech high school where her game was to be held.
her team had just finished playing because *someone* got the time WRONG.
Well that's fun.
OC was all, "Good. I didn't want to play anyway." Which of course leads me to believe it was SHE who misinformed ME about the time, and not her coach misinforming her.
I hate that. I am rarely late in my life, much less missing things entirely. She has to do better. Now I am pissed.
After game debacle we went to fabulous diner (with Superhero theme!) for dinner.
And my tooth broke.
on a fricking quesadilla.
I am so tired of all the problems I am having with my teeth. They really look beautiful from the front, but they are positively disintegrating inside my mouth. This tooth was not even symptomatic. No pain, not loose, no sensitivity.
I told hubby I just want to pull them all out and get implants. It may very well happen after the house closes, because I can't fricking take it anymore. At the very least I am due for at least 3 more amazingly expensive root canals.
Sorry, OC, it looks like community college for you. :(
(big TY for my friend at Duke!! I shall be emailing you shortly. xoxo)
Due to the above road trip, I missed 3/4 of Big Brother. Soemthing's gotta give, baby, and it ain't gonna be me.
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