Thursday, Jul. 07, 2005

getting my ranties in a knot

Are you kidding me?
What the hell is going on?
Can't the Bush's & Blair's of the world see that they are killing their countrymen?
I listened to a couple of great broadcasts on NPR over the last week dealing with the true history of the US, and what the causes of war really are. I have to say they made me sad and angry. Sometimes I can't listen because I become too enraged. But then I realize that my not listening is just what the *powers that be* are counting on. They do not want any of us to pay attention - close attention - to what they are doing.
Now they have gotten us into the middle of an eternal war which is exploding in the transit authority of London.
Guess what?!? Who do you think will be targeted next? Are we really so arrogant to think we can stop any of this?
I am sad and scared for Baby Sis who is too close to that god forsaken summit (and july28!). They should plan these summits on remote islands. That way the only people getting hurt will be the retards meeting.
Everyone knows nothing will change. Change does not come about by conversation - rather ACTION.
rant concluded - for now
Kelly won Dancing with the Stars with a performance that looked like a pornographic chicken. These reality shows that let the audience decide are decidedly WRONG. I guess this country is rife with bad taste and low standards. I guess . . .? I don't have to guess. Of course it is.
Once again, witness NASCAR, Blue Collar Comedy, the Patriot Act, K-Y warming gel. When will it end??????
BTW - OC is DYING to go to Duke University. D-Y-I-N-G!!!!!!!! I know there is one of you who reads me out there and WORKS at Duke. If you feel you must keep your silence, I respect that. HOWEVER, if there are any special hints you might have for us about admissions or financial aid or anything, they would be deeply appreciated!!!
No pressure . . .
We both wear our *Duke for Life* bracelets all the time. Did we also see one on Andy Roddick's wrist at Wimbeldon? How thrilling!
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