Wednesday, Jul. 06, 2005

c'mon over and google my dildo

I hate those text message commercials. Christ. Who falls for that shit?
I am not happy. I upped my bike workout to 30 minutes today. (might not seem like much, but with hills and stuff it is hard enough)I had gotten over the last hill and only had 3 minutes left in my cool down when the right pedal came loose! I think OC may have pedalled it backwards at some point.
Hubby was on his way to the town hall to meet with the planning officer about the farm market, and was not pleased to be sidetracked. I finally told him to go and I would handle it. I got the Pam out of the kitchen and sprayed the threads on the pedal and it glided right in! Another notch for lubricants! I can't say enough about them, *sigh*.
Why do they find it necessary to remake EVERYTHING? The original Poseidon Adventure was just fine, thank you. And do we really need another version of Dukes of Hazard? On CMT last night they had one of the most recent (sic) episodes of the tv series. I hadn't realized they replaced Jon Schneider and Tom Wopat (hubba hubba) with knock-off cousins in the later seasons. What a rip-off! I must have lost interest by then, at, say, 13 years old. Who are these people??? Ah yes, NASCAR fans. It all comes full circle.
Lest you think I was complaining about my weekend yesterday - I was really complaining about how tired I was from all the work I did. I am well aware of how lucky I am to have such a terrific hubby. I can't imagine being in a relationship with someone who I argued with all the time. That is what first marriages are for. If you continue to do it in every marriage, you had better start looking at yourself for the cause.
Great Scot!
I am so excited!
Someone googled "Dildo diaryland" and got ME!!
I would like to thank the academy . . .
Finale night:
Beauty and the Geek
Dancing with the Stars
Oh blessed be.

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