Tuesday, Jul. 05, 2005


What a long and terrible weekend.
Not really terrible as it was happening, but certainly terrible now that I am at work. My whole body aches and I have a slight headache (well, Darcy, your head is part of your body, no?) to boot.
Saturday -
who the hell can remember? Oh yeah - I posted Sat morning about Brown Sweatshirt boy's arrival. He is nice all in all, but has a tendency to use the weed I think. They spent a good amount of time snuggling in front of the TV until I kicked them outside "It's a beautiful day! Get your asses outside!!" to set up the fire pit and the lawn chairs to watch the fireworks. He bonded well with the puppies and Kitty, and was very nice to me. Most likely he will be invited back.
Saturday night, hubby came home early enough to accompany us to the town carnival. It has really grown! There were real rides and good food and awful AWFUL beer. Neither of us liked it, so we only had two. Too bad, as I was looking forward to a nice buzzzz.
They had a band which was pretty good, despite playing exclusively patriotic country music. Hubby is a big Skynyrd fan from way back, so he swayed imperceptibly and was happy.
(I keep having to stop to adjust my brastrap. I couldn't find my white bra today, so I turned one of my printed ones inside out. Some how it works, but the straps just want to flip back over)
The carnival had fireworks - der- and they were lame until the finale which was land based, as opposed to airborne, and it lasted 10 minutes. By the time they were done, the entire crowd of rednecks was whipped into a frenzy. There was singing and yelling and hootin and hollerin. Altogether a righteous event.
Sunday morning FIL showed up to spray the grapes just as hubby & I were getting ready to . . .So we ended up mowing all day instead. I don't know what your weather was like this weekend, but it would be impossible for me to be more PINK. I am not a burner normally, but with this *crazy* work schedule (40 HOURS!?!??!) and mowing in the late afternoon, I am behind on my tanning. I love the way I look with color, but this time I can feel the swelling through my clothes. :(
Sunday night we went to our favorite new drive-in restaurant, Coney Island. It is right on the water and has a lot of nice, sturdily built picnic tables to eat at. I had a chicken cheese steak sammich and hubby had the steak cheese steak sammich. (OC had abandoned us for a sleepover) The fries were crunchy and yummy, and we also had an order of fried mushrooms which tasted like Palmolive. ( I happen to have a good idea of what both Palmolive and Dermassage dish soap taste like. A story for another time . . .) Right next to the Coney Island grill is the Coney Island ice cream stand. We both got twist with chocolate dip and I felt like a 5 year old. I even spilled it on my shirt. It was so much fun.
Later, dare I say it? - I totally lost control during lovemaking. That has never happened to me before. I asked hubby what he was doing different, but he said "nothing." This sexual peak thing ROCKS! I can't get enough. Poor hubby works so hard all day, he feels awful when he is too tired to poke. It is a cruel joke the universe plays on us, making our peaks so far apart.
We had a nice breakfast out and went shopping for hiking shoes, cycling shorts, and grooming clippers. We scored all of the above and everyone got a haircut - except me. The puppies look ridiculous and mangy. Kitty looks gorgeous. Hubby looks HOT. (There I go again.)
After haircutting, we mowed some more and came in and vegged all night.
Now I am too tired.
JJ is back from vacation and I can't wait to tell her everything that has happened since she left.
The one thing I wanted to do this weekend was mail the great surprise to Baby Sis, but if course, the post office was CLOSED all weekend. What was I thinking??
Off to basketball with OC again tonight. I see more fast food in my future . . .
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