Saturday, Jul. 02, 2005

Tag you're it!

First things first:
invisibledon tagged me with this-
*Five things that are popular that I despise*
(would you believe that this is kind of hard for me? Despise is such a strong word ...)
1. Mark Anthony - this creepy, scruffy, slimy slip of a man has made me want to vomit ever since I first heard him and my feelings were reinforced when I saw him.
2. Tom Cruise - he used to be my favorite hot boy, but when he got sooo skinny and long-haired a few years ago, I wavered. Today he is merely a joke with a dangerous message.
3. George W. Bush - The reasons are too numerous to mention, but Hitler comes to mind.
4. Televised car races - what could be more ridiculous than watching cars drive in a circle? Why not go sit on the side of the road? Cheaper and the cars are constantly changing.
5. People who finance everything - Houses I can see, even cars occasionally, but furniture, clothes, jewelry, vacations, groceries??? And if you don't think people finance these things, take a look at the number of people who put all or some of the above on credit cards. If you can't pay for it now, DON'T BUY IT NOW. Debt is so irresponsible, and the rest of us end up paying for it when you declare bankruptcy. For the record, we carry no debt, and our credit cards are only used for ordering online or over the phone - we pay them off every month.
So that is my list.
Maybe you will not agree with me, and that is OK. I do not argue about things, I just have my opinions, and sit with them.
Now I shall tag -
Have at it! Thanks, Don!!!
I have been so busy at work lately, that all of my blogging time is filled with actual WORK. WTF?
I am also a bit nerbious about poor Bob's firing, and hence reluctant to be online too much. Big Evangelical Brother may be watching me.
The hot weather finally broke last night and we celebrated with a bout of fantastic copulation after a couple of pathetically warm beers. I think our 2nd (actually 4th- how stupid to have 4) refrigerator is on the blink. It seems we got Jack out of the freezer just in time.
Jack was our beloved Bichon who I rescued 10 years ago. He became so senile and incontinent last year, that we made the decision to finally put him down. It was really hard as he was my first dog that was just mine. When we put him down, we wanted to bury him on the farm, but it was right in the middle of the xmas tree season, so we had to wait. In the meantime, we wrapped him nicely, and stored him in the freezer of one of the fridges. (NO - there was nothing else in the freezer with him!) We finally got him in the ground in May. I think he is happy now.
I didn't expect to talk about Jack today. Funny how those things go.
OC just walked in with new BF. This one is a bit pudgy, but ever so cute and always wears a brown hoodie. I call him Brown Sweatshirt Boy. OC feigns anger, then laughs. This is his first visit to Casa Farrow, and he, like all of OC's friends, is blown away at the size of the house/property. It always gives me great pleasure to hear her friends say, "I don't know why you even hang out at your dad's house. If it were me, I would stay here all the time!!"
I win again.
He is such a LOSER.
Yes, he is still fucking 18GF with OC in the house.
But now he is talking (read: LYING) to OC about it.
Father of the Year.
Hey, Don, why couldn't you have been my first husband?
Off to chaperone and be the fabulous cool mom, a la Lorelei Gilmore. All the kids love me!
(parents that say that are invariably WRONG)
Have a super cool and breezy low humidity sunny day!!

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