Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2005

the grande scheme

I know you are all dying to hear about my stationary bike!
I will give you a link in just a sec when I remember how to do it.Looky Here!!
After much waiting and waiting on Sunday, hubby finally came home and we went to get my *birthday present* - better known as the contraption to facilitate great wood. Of course the key is to actually use the thing.
I am happy to report I have used the thing 3 times so far with superb sweating results! In fact, yesterday I could wring out my bandana (B-A-N-D-A-N-A)! I am certain to lose all kinds of poundage resulting in the former Amazon good looks that beckoned cat calls from pot-bellied men in orange work shirts for decades. Maybe I will even audition for some modeling gigs. Then I can hook up with some really rich guys and party all the time. Then I can leave hubby and be rich and thin and powerful and really really happy.
Wish me luck!
Isn't it funny how when we start a new workout routine we jump 100 steps ahead to the best case result? At this point I am just trying to fit into my cute black capris, and not feel self-conscious when hubby is in the canine way. woof.
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