Monday, Jun. 27, 2005

How do you like school, Billy?

Bob was fired.
For doing what I am doing.
Can I be fired, too?
You betcha.
Very nerve-wracking.
So why is OC coming to live with me full time a big deal?
Well Ė our farm is in a true farming community with a tiny school system with limited resources.
Her dad lives one town over in a very affluent town with a nationally ranked school system. (The joke is, he lives in the ghetto-est area of a town of 20,000.)
When hubby & I moved out of our house in good school district to farm in poor school district, there was a great hubbub at the school accusing us of having OC in good school illegally. Never mind that we own TWO houses in said district and pay mucho taxes on each. I still had to go to the office with a copy of the divorce papers showing we have JOINT custody, and living arrangements are whatever we decide.
At the same time, one of OCís friends was nearly thrown out of school for same the reason. We ended up renting them hubbyís house to establish residency.
Can you imagine?? This district is so *hot* that the houses are all overpriced and people will beg, borrow or steal to get their kids in. Now, I graduated from the same school, and my recollection is a lot of drinking and massive amounts of sex. But that is just me . . .
If OC is to move up to the farm full-time, we have to avoid the prying eye of the district spies, AND we have to be sure her DAD wonít rat her out for spite.
I would not mind if she went to poor school (and in fact, almost did last year) as I think kids can learn anywhere if they are motivated. However, poor school does not offer French, which is OCís favorite, and her career ambition. I donít want to take that away from her.
I donít know what will happen.
Evangelical wedding was *gasp!* FUN!
There was another couple there that I knew who also did not want to be there, so we made a nice, if cynical, team.
No drunkenness for us. No dancing for us(1 billion degrees). Great food Ė woo hoo!!
Even though I hate social events, I am frighteningly good at schmoozing. I should have been an actress.
A note: If I see you, and ask you how you are I probably donít mean it. And if I ask you about that job, boyfriend, girlfriend, house, or CHILD I definitely donít mean it. BUT Ė if I ask after your dog, bet your bottom dollar I want to know.
How IS your puppy???? Woof
Another thing
I do not have a problem with people who are devout (insert religion here).
What I have a problem with is people who try to convert me, OR people that eschew religious principles, but do not live by them.
Thatís all.
Heck, if you love (insert your godís name here), have at it! I know it can be a great comfort.
Thatís all.
Tomorrow I will tell you the story of the great stationary bike!
The bike is great Ė the story ainít.

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