Friday, Jun. 24, 2005

another reason to listen to your mother

I am so beat.
By the end of the week my ass is draggin big time. Every day this week I jumped on the mower when I got home from work and mowed until dark. Dark is around 8:30ish these days. That is one heck of a long day. BUT I am getting some nice color, and the vineyard looks like a golf course. SWEET!
OK - so the big news.
OC's dad's GF is ((drumroll)) *18*!!!!!
vomit vomit vomit
Poor OC.
She is completely wrung out by this. Not only that but we found 18GF's myspace page where she talks about getting drunk, and there is a picture of her holding a huge bottle of rum in OC's grandma's driveway!
OC is mortified. 18GF graduated from neighboring high school LAST YEAR, and some of OC's friends have partied with this girl.
I could not restrain myself any longer. This morning on my way to work, I called him. I told him everything OC told me was going on -
condom wrappers on the floor
pot smoking
ignoring OC
barley legal porn on the computer
He didn't deny any of it, but he did try to blame OC for their deteriorating relationship because she is bitchy to him. Of course my response was
Hard to gauge by recent behavior - I know.
I told him he was in the process of causing irreparable damage to his relationship with OC, and he had better address it before she decides to never see him again (one can only hope . . .).
I must have gotten through on some level, because two hours later OC IMed me at work saying, "Pop just cornered me about 18GF."
God I feel so bad for her. She has decided to completely move out of his house. This is a huge decision, that I will tell you about, but, frankly I am worn out and frustrated with even thinking about it. So no more explanations tonight.
Big Evengelical HR wedding tomorrow with many MANY HR guests whom I have not seen in, say, 20 years!!! Scary. No one believes me when I tell them I HATE social functions that I am not throwing. I have such anxiety about going, that often I do not show up at all. This time I have no choice. Either go or end up like Uncle Bob.
Poor Bob. (too lazy to link - look at my favorites if'n you want to know . . .)
I wonder if it is true?? It could be in my future for sure.
Big shout out to invisible don and his lousy family event. Send some love his way.
Also if you haven't seen Betty's hands-free cell phone adapter, it is worth a look.
(again too lazy to link - see above)
Today all I can really think about is OC. She is the best!!
And here she is again . . .
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