Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2005

This sheep is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I have been remiss.
Every night I spend all my computer time working on our farm website. By the time I am done, I am REALLY done with the computer.
I am so proud of how it is coming out. It really looks professional! I can't believe I was going to pay someone to do it for me. If any of you would like to see it, let me know and I will email you the link. I would prefer to remain as anonymous as possible here at Dland. You never know what creepy person(s) might find their way to my subjective rants!!
BTW - anyone have a clue how to get my website to come up on Google? Even when I put in the exact domain name, nothing. JW . . .
Dancing with the Stars is on now. I will continue to write, but it may seem disjointed as I am magnetically drawn to this show. The black hostess gal is given the worst outfits. Poor girl.
Father's Day was good here. We went to breakfast at Bob's Restaurant. It is a real throwback luncheonette type. Only serves breakfast and lunch and has specials starting at 99 cents!! I had a spinach & cottage cheese omelette - omlet omelet whatever. It was yummy. I had never heard of it before, and OC made many faces.
(I love Joey McIntire!!!)
We then made the pilgrimage to Mom & Dad's to bestow gifts and be generally cheerful and interesting. This last bit was really hard as I was still PMSing. Too bad. Mom pushed and pushed about what I wanted to do for my birthday. Hubby & I discussed this before we went, and he told me just to tell the truth. Well, the truth was I only wanted to spend my day with Hubby & OC. I am tired, and have had a particularly difficult year, and I hate being the center of attention. Mom has a hard time accepting this and made multitudes of faces. I think she may have taken it as a rejection, though I struggled to make it clear "It is about me, not you." That doesn't work in romantic relationships either. . .
When we got home I called my father. He is on cloud 9 because Tom is out there visiting for a few weeks, and I know he loves having him there. We had a great conversation, and the next day I received a lovely card from himfor my birthday. Literally the nicest thing he has ever written me. Awww
Birthday was spent at Evangelical HR with office birthday breakfast and accompanying card full of God and misspellings. HOORAY! JJ emailed me from her new office (read: HOME) to find out how I liked everything. I miss her at work so much!! Now that I have taken over her job on top of the rest of my duties, I have no time for Dland at work! poop
We went to din din at Applebys that night and got soused. Doesn't happen often, but when it does we always have fun. OC is so brilliant now that we kept each other in stitches all night. (OC didn't drink - der - just hubby & I)
(Rachel Hunter looks HUGE dancing!)
I know everyone wants to know what I got for presents . . .
OC - 1st Season of Gilmore Girls on DVD, balloons, flowers and a stuffed puppy
Mom & Dad - a new buff purse- pwetty! ans 8 lovely bowls the shade of Dland
Baby Sis - Awesome Bruce tartan scarf straight from Scotland (Bruce from maternal grandmother)
Aunt K et al - $36.00 - $1 for each year!
Father-in-Law & GF - $100
Father - a nice chunk of inheritance
CoWorker E- two GREAT cookbooks full of fruit recipes
Hubby - Stationery Bike!!! Woo Hoo! I don't actually have it yet, but we went and picked it out
I have been told there are more presents on the way, so we shall see . . .
Inspections on the house were today. I haven't heard anything yet, and in this case, no news IS good news. I am not worried as we got a back-up offer yesterday - higher than the original deal. Hooray!
And get this . . .
Hubby also has another house of his own that he bought the year after I bought mine. Last night we got a call from a woman who went to the town hall to find out who owned the house and she wants to buy it. HAHAHAHA.
Hubby is going to tell her his price to make it worth it tonight. I wonder if he will sell it, too?? We could be sitting on a shitload of dough by the end of the summer - not to mention the relief of not having both houses' repairs hanging over our heads. All in all, pretty impressive for a relatively young couple with very little actual income. If I told you what our tax return numbers are, you would send me a loaf of bread and government cheese.
(This soap opera actress's top just broke while dancing - LMAO)
Welcome Baby Sis to my diary. I will email you soon - and yes, I will help with your website if'n you want!
There is more to tell, but I think I am done typing tonight.
Did I tell you I have lost one size . . ?

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