Friday, Jun. 17, 2005

good men

I feel like the sale of my house is a touchstone in my life. The house was a great investment, and served us well when we lived there. The problem is my husband is such a perfectionist when it comes to work of any kind, he will not allow me to hire anyone to finish the renovation. AND of course, he has no free time to do it himself. This year, when Baby Sis vacated, I decided it was time to sell. If we had finished the renovation, the profit might increase by 50%, but the time and energy and stress it would take does not seem worth it. I would rather hubby put his time into more excavation jobs or building the farm business.
In defense of John Irving . . .
John Irving is uneven. I did not enjoy The Fourth Hand, and only slightly less Son of the Circus (save, of course, for the rousing chapter "The Dildo" which I heard him read at a local college - a true highlight in my unlit life).
I still hold out hope he will get back to the old Irving of Owen, Hotel New Hampshire, and Garp. I guess he recently had a row with his fellow Vermonters, and I guess I don't really care. I still watch and love Woody Allen despite his bad decisions. It is easy for me to separate the art from the artist.
I did not like the adaptation of Cider House Rules. That book is too rich to squeeze into 2.5 hours or whatever it was. The joy of his writing is in the detail. Why they have not brought 158 Pound Marriage to the screen is beyond me - comic, irreverent, and realistically short.
On John Updike . . .
I bought Seek My Face several months ago, but have yet to start it in earnest. Sometimes Updike is daunting to me. I do love the Bech stuff though, and of course the Rabbits, and Memories of the Ford Administration. Some of his other stuff can be heavy and foreboding, but all in all, he is in my top five.
On Bill Moyers . . .
I listened to an AMAZING (I hate that word, but here it is true - I was amazed) speech given by Bill Moyers on NPR last week. I heard it twice during the fund drive and was moved to tears and laughter and outrage each time. I can't believe so many years passed before I discovered public radio. Did you know my uncle edited a book with Bill Moyers? Neat, huh?
I think I am done for now. Much worker's comp and 401k crap awaits here at the Evangelical HR.
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