Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2005

whore moans

This is what relaxation looks like at my house. I think someday this will be a collector's item, because it is nearly impossible to find hubby clean, awake, and home NOT WORKING in daylight hours. I think this picture may have been taken around Christmas time. but I am not sure.
I can't figure out how to get the resolution any better. I have been having loads of problems with getting my pictures to show up on my new website as well. Maybe I should take a continuing ed class in HTML and website building. It can only be worth it in the long run.


Well, I have big news! I have an accepted offer on my house!! Hip Hip Hooray!
We are a long way from closing as were are not an escrow state, but I am confident the buyers have a good grasp on just what the house needs. I drove hubby crazy last night talking about all the ways I was going to spend the money. He was turning purpler and purpler as I went on about pools, cruises, and PUPPIES! Actually, I am merely going to rid myself of every speck of debt, and put the rest in good investments. If this goes through, I will be able to pay for at least a portion of OC's college, which makes me very happy.
I can tell I am PMSing, because when I was mowing yesterday all I could think about was vindictive thoughts. Equating my relationship with one particular relative to Death and the Maiden. I made a pretty good case! I was chock full of hateful thoughts, and no matter how much I tried to veer away from them, they kept coming back. Men will never understand what psychosis menstruation induces.
My hand is now cramping - bad posture.
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