red light, green light

Did you ever log into your bank account online and the balance took your breath away?
Yeah - just happened to me.
I forgot my last payment for the awesome root canal was coming out this week - der.
Is my tiny town the only place a root canal costs $1300? Without accompanying crown? Gadzooks.
Now scrounging and scraping to find $$ for OC's field hockey camp. "Mom, you promised!" I know, I know . . .
Called OC's dad (yes he is my ex husband, but the marriage was so short, I rarely refer to him as that - more often, "sperm donor") yesterday and gave him a little lecture about boinking a teenager in the house his own teenager lives in. He was less than receptive, naturally. The last time he listened to me was 16 years ago the night he knocked me up. OC is more than disgusted with the situation, and hubby rightly reminded me something I said years ago. When OC didn't want to come stay at my house because of all the spoiling her dad & gramma gave her, I kept telling hubby, "someday she will see them for what they really are." God it is nice to be right. I just wish it didn't hurt my baby.
Last night I watched the most amazing thing (and I'm not talking about Hell's Kitchen, which had me chained to the tv for 2 hours - nor the rerun of Medium which I absolutely love). It was Kitty. She is an incredible dog. Can you tell she is my favorite? Well this is just another reason why.
I walked out on the porch and saw her facing the big barn, just standing there. I called her to come in, and she didn't react. Not completely unusual, but most times she at least looks at me. This time nothing.
It was then I realized she was sort of pointing like a pointer! She had a ginormous woodchuck in her sights and was stalking him like a lioness. He outweighed her easily three times over. Yet, there was Kitty, playing a very commendable game of Red light, Green light and winning!
There was one stretch where she stayed perfectly still for well over two minutes. That is a long time! If you don't believe me, try it yourself right now. I'll wait.

Anyway she finally got close enough to make the last dash grab for the chuck. She charged up on him so fast and hard he was frozen at first. She actually put her paws right on his back! Then he got the hint and ran into the barn. Kitty was so excited, practically levitating!
The most interesting thing was Kitty made no move to bite the woodchuck or hurt him in any way. Apparently, she was setting up a rousing game of tag or chase, but the chuck didn't quite get the rules.
Poor Kitty!
She came inside shortly after that completely wired, and passed out on my lap for Hell's Kitchen.

Man, I love this dog.

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