TGIM (aka - i hate weekends)

What a rough weekend.
OC is so worn out - mentally & physically. She was preoccupied with the spectators that it took her out of her game, I think. ExBF showed up at least twice. What a creep.
This is the first time she has had any real instruction at the post (or at all - I have never worked with her by design). She thinks the coaches are expecting too much of her. Maybe they see it differently, but I know this kid, and they may end up losing her altogether. The extreme yelling yesterday just makes her shut down - she gets too much of that at her dad's house. If they want to get through to her, they should talk to her like an adult. She understands when she makes mistakes, and only wants to learn how to not make them again. I do not want them to coddle her, I just don't want her to quit.
I whiplashed my neck last summer moving a 700lb roll of paper. I could feel myself almost black out at the time, but after a few minutes was fine. About two months later, my left hand and arm started become numb. This was exactly at the time my dad was in surgery, so naturally, I thought I was having a heart attack! I went to the orthopedic surgeon who found nothing, but by that time, my shoulders and back were killing me. I went to a chiropractor a friend recommended (Dr. Mark), and at last found some relief. I haven't been back since January, and I can really feel the pain and numbness coming back.
I mowed yesterday for 4 hours, and when I got off the mower, my entire hand was completely numb. After I laid down for 30 minutes, it subsided. I really don't want a surgical solution, so I think I will go back to Dr. Mark. Much of my work at home depends on my ability to lift things and be on my feet for long periods.
Dave M. is an asshole. He is the former JV coach at the high school, and now works at the college where the tournament was held (and I used to be head coach). Did you know he locked the doors to the gym at 9:00 Saturday while the game was still going on? Amazingly, he thought this was a good idea, and proceeded to yell at me when I questioned him about it. He explained he was *tired* of sitting at the desk all day and wanted to watch the game. Somehow, I was under the impression he was paid to be there. Maybe he is just a philanthropist, in which case he is a lousy one who is only interested in his own comfort. He was incredibly hostile to me, which I found surprising. I have never had words with him, and did not even tell his boss that the girls loathe him when they complained to me. I guess these things all work out eventually. Karma is a bitch.
I must say, I did get a big kick out of seeing him strutting around in his college gear, particularly because I know just how insignificant his job as assistant coach really is. If he lasts there at all, it will only be because there is no one else. If only Baby sis could have been there - we never would have stopped laughing.
Oh - it looks like the teenage GF may have moved in with OC's dad. OC is 15, dad's GF is 19.
all together now - EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!
It gets worse, he is 47 and lives with his MOM.
I may have to remove OC completely from his house. maybe that will snap him onto shape.
Hubby cut Abby's (puppy) hair - but only on her head. She looks like she has been put into a pencil sharpener. I can't help but laugh every time I see her.
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