The kid did it.
Last weekend I bought OC a cd she really wanted with the condition that she break up with BF.
Monday morning she did the deed. Hooray! He is really a nutjob. Hates his parents, paranoid, and full of rage. He was very passive aggressive with OC, and she was miserable. She has her whole life to be miserable in a relationship, why start now?
I think I am losing my mind. Yesterday AM OC had an appt. with the plastic surgeon for the lawsuit. We got up on time and arrived early AT THE WRONG OFFICE. The appointment was in Ktown, but I had taken us to the PS for the defense in Ptown. Much stress and fast driving brought us to the correct office 30 minutes late. By that time our atty had left, and I felt retarded.

Then this morning, as I left the house, I felt a strange tightness in one leg of my pants. I didn't think too much about it until I was in XtraMart getting my coffee. I reached down a felt a lump, instantly recognizing the sock that had found its way into my pantleg sometime during laundry. I quickly paid and hustled to the car and yanked it out.
It wasn't even my sock.
Heard from Baby Sis today after a week of silence. It seems she finally had her adjustment breakdown, but is now feeling better. How scary to move so far away! I guess this will be a fine test of their relationship.
At OC's tournament this weekend I discovered MM's parents are neat people. I had them pegged in the Overinvolved/suburbanBS group, but it turns out they are merely fringe members looking for more quality connections. Her momis going blind - macular degeneration. She told me she watches tv with binoculars!! I have been giving her the play-by-play each game. I can't imagine having her life - losing my husband and learning I am going blind all in the same year. Jeez. Kind of puts MM's attitude in perspective.
Very VERY busy at work, but guilt led me to this entry today.
Waiting and waiting and waiting.
3 days late.

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