I called in dead yesterday. Too tired from all that crazy partying with Dad.
I talked him into NOT spending 200/night for a stupid airport motel, and staying here in our disorganized, yet very comfortable guest room.
We had a great dinner of store made panninis that I cooked at home, tortellini, and green salad. I really dodged a bullet. If I had to whip up dinner from scratch and carry on another inane conversation with Boring GF at the same time, I might have turned the knife on myself. All in all, everyone was quite pleased, and I came off as superwoman. Hooray!
OC has a big tournament this weekend in state capital. Four games in two days. Jeez. The two games on Saturday are at 11am and 7pm. How ridiculous. I can't even believe they would schedule like that. We are going to be an hour away from home. What the hell are we going to do for 6 hours? I may just come home and go back. It will be a lot of gas, but better to wait at home than in a mall or something. Besides, if the kids walk around for that long, they will be exhausted. We shall see.
Still too tired. More later.
Big hugs to Dland friends who have recently lost loved ones, human and animal. XOXOXO
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