For Sale

Just got a call from Dad's GF - they are on their way to my house RIGHT NOW. They should arrive about 1 hour before i g et home from work. Goddammit. I have so many things to do before making dinner for them . . . Maybe we will just order out. Does he really need to have me slave over a hot stove instead of spending quality time with him? Maybe. Methinks I cannot win here.
I was thinking about my friend Peter the real estate Actor, and he called! CRAAAAZY!
Actually not so crazy. I am getting ready to sell my house, and he is going to list it for me. BUT I hadn't talked to him about it in a long time, so there was indeed a bit of synergy.
He is going to go take a look at it to give me a value idea. I think I know, but it doesn't hurt to have another opinion. The goal is to have the thing sold by the end of the summer. We shall see. . . It would be nice to have huge sums of money to pay off all my bills and put in the bank. I am likely to make 400% profit on this house that everyone told me not to buy. Nah nah nah nah nah!
More later.

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