some really interesting crap

Some interesting tidbits about me:

~ I am 6ft tall
~ I am friends with all my exes
~ I have never had a religious affiliation
~ I can put my feet behind my head
~ I was asked out by Charles Barkley (when he was single)
~ I own my own house - mine alone
~ All of my best friends at school were gay
~ Most of my hubby's closest friends are gay
~ I am the middle child
~ I will do anything to get out of going to a social function
~ I have been on tv several times
~ People I don't know recognize me on the street
~ My chihuahua was murdered by the other dogs on the farm
~ My daughter was mauled by a pit bull
~ I know my soulmate
~ My grandma was my hero
~ I once had a *HOT* dream about Al Gore
~ I give no one a second chance
~ I would rather have dogs around me than people
~ I don't write thank you notes (somehow I can't do it, I try but I can't, and if by some chance they do get written, they RARELY make it to the post office)
~ I have highlights
~ I have no use for porn anymore
~ I cried when Barbra Streisand appeared onstage in her last concert
~ I have watched Husbands and Wives more than 30 times
~ I write silly lists

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