Mostly Harmless

We have a mouse here at work. How do we know? Was it droppings on the desk? Was it a little mousehole in the wall? Was it that we saw him scurry under the cubicle partition? None of the above.
We know because he ate the LAST Cadbury Creme Egg that I was eyeing that for this weekend.
Today is the day Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the movie comes out. Not much press around this. I was shocked to see the preview on tv the other night. Shocked and Awed (can you tell I'm American?)! Maybe we haven't heard about it much because there are no "A" list actors in it. I have read two reviews and they couldn't be more disparate. Obviously the reviewer who loved it had read the books, and conversely . . . I also heard a review on Bob & Sherry this morning from their hillbilly critic. (I only listen to B&S during the commercial breaks of Howard Stern - NPR in the am is so boring - plus I don't have any $$ in the stock market, so I don't need to know how GE did yesterday) He said he FELL ASLEEP during the movie, and then didn't even finish watching it. What a tool. I can't believe there are people out there who have not been exposed to the genius (see previous entry) of Douglas Adams. I have read the series 3 or 4 times, and each time is funnier than the last. If you have not read it, just get the first book, HGtG, and read the first chapter. You'll see.
Tonight is the bon voyage shin-dig for Baby sis. Already I am envisioning my disturbingly emotional reaction to her final goodbye. I feel like she is my own kid (10 yrs my junior). I know she is kind of freaking out about taking such a big step, and, of course, I can only help by making horribly inappropriate jokes over an over and over. (Truck didn't show up on time? Must be the gods don't want you to leave. Better make sure the pilot's not drunk!) Stress baby, gotta love it. I can't express how much I will miss having her around. There are so many other members of my family who I could go the rest of my life without seeing again. Dag!
I work in Human Resources.
On the job application there is a section where each applicant has to say whether or not he has been convicted of a crime and explain the circumstances and the resolution.
My favorite so far:
"Sexual misconduct - A girl wanted to give me oral sex and I let her. She told me she was 20, but she was 13."

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