Some of my most favoritest things (my first list!)

10. A really good cup of coffee in the morning. Not pretentious, overroasted coffee - just a small step up from regular diner coffee with a little Splenda and 1/2 & 1/2. Preferrably under $2.00.
9. A clearance area/department in any home accessory/furnishings store. It must have new additions on a regular basis, and the clearance prices must truly be deals.
8. A hotly contested round of Jeopardy! where the daily doubles are properly utilized, and I know just enough answers to give me (and the other occupants of the room) the idea that I could actually win. (Of course, I have to get the Final Jeopardy right, or all is lost)
7. A new haircut on hubby. He has the most beautiful reddish brown hair, and when I cut it just right, it makes him look soooo sexy!
6. A good report card. OC is an apathetic student, so when a report card with an average over 85 comes, parades through town!
5. Being right. (see #8)
4. Chocolate in ALMOST any form. Exception being cheap cheap cheap chocolate found only around Easter and Christmas (yes, Palmer, I am talking about you)
3. Learning. Learning almost anything. A new task at work. Lyrics to a new song. How to make a really good recipe. How to operate the chainsaw. How to apologize. Anything.
2. Puppies. I once saw an episode of Breed All About It about Japanese Chins. This woman had 20+ Chins in her house. Nirvana! Hubby says, "over my dead body" - I say, "OK"
1. Love. Not sappy crappy love. Love like OC & I saying the same thing at the same time and laughing til we cry. Love like hubby scratching my back for no reason. Love like crying every time my mom does. Love like sitting in the hospital all day when my dad almost died. Good clean real person love. Hallmark can't capture that.

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