We have these great friends, Phil & Jane. I have never met people so kind and generous who did not have evil lurking beneath (or at least some insane religious beliefs).
I met them when I was a *terrible* real estate agent, and sold them their house. Jane is a CSW who has written many books on therapy - hence the attraction?? - and Phil is a retired writer of books, film & TV. They have a son a few years younger than me who works for Bill Gates. Not just Microsoft, but directly for Bill himself. Son is scary smart, and he and Phil started their own computer business when he was 12! They sold the business a few years ago for millions, and P&J moved out of the city for the first time.
Anyway - P&J were used to having a super take care of everything, and now hire out for all their home repairs/upgrades. Of course, I recommended hubby for this in the beginning and he and Tom spent nearly 5 months at their house.
The reason I tell you this is because Phil & Jane are in the habit of telling everyone they meet that hubby and I are "geniuses." ALL THE TIME. EVERY TIME. They cannot say enough good things about us. I have always "lost weight", am "so smart", and a "great mother". Hubby is "brilliant", "so handsome", and "can do anything".
Now with all this praise, we usually have a good laugh on the way home. But I have been thinking . . . Hubby really is a genius. Sure, he was a C student, and reads REALLY slowly. But can you build a beautiful bookcase? Can you pour a foundation under an existing house? I sure as hell can't. And funnily enough, I am the one with the genius IQ.
Then I thought - who the hell cares what a genius IQ is? "My number is higher than your number." Yeah, but can you make a pie from scratch? Can you walk into a room and make everyone feel comfortable immediately? Can you furnish your entire house for under $200?? Those are genius skills.
I was asked to join Mensa by a recent . . . inductee? joiner? - member. I have to admit I thought about it. But then I thought, why?? Do I really want to meet and possibly hang out with people who are hung up on their own POTENTIAL to learn based on some ridiculous number? I think no.
I am happy with my lower number, genius friends, few as they are. They teach me new things all the time that I find much more interesting than the cube of the square of the gobbledygook.
By the way, just this year Phil & Jane have given us: a huge armoire/glass fronted hutch combo, several DVDs, TiVo, and a ginormous TV (36" I think). Just because.
I love my friends! :)
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