Ich bin NICHT Fraulein Meyer dammit!

Polar has come out with VANILLA seltzer. Heavenly
Fffffreezing last night. Thought really hard about turning heat on. Decided I was not in the mood for an altercation. Now I am MSing, I don't even want to talk to him. Come to think of it, he really only has about 10 out of 28 days where he is "safe". Is it like this for everyone? I know OC has the same cycle as I do, and we are constantly battling. Poor hubby. No wonder he only hears every other word I say. The rest of the time he is ducking.
Medium is the best show on TV anymore. I laughed and jumped all through it last night. The middle daughter on the show looks just like a 60 yr old woman I work with. It cracks me up! I bought the book by the actual medium girl and was sorely disappointed. I had seen her on the Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch, and she was VERY interesting. her book, however, sucks.
Speaking of Deutsch -
I just received my "new" used Learn German audiotapes!! Ich bin nicht Fraulein Meyer! It is so funny. I actually have 6 years of German (20 years ago), but it is fun to brush up. These are beginners tapes and I feel so smart! Hubby and I are going to get Spanish tapes as well so when we get big and rich we can speak to our help! OC takes French, so we will truly be a multi-lingual household.
So I am driving down the road telling anyone who will listen that I am NOT Miss Meyer, nor am I Miss Schmidt, nor even Miss Schultz. In fact, I am Miss Schneider. Plus, yesterday, I was also Mr. John Taylor (who was constantly excusing himself - Verzeiung!) Later I definitely made sure veryone knew that I was now, not MISS Schneider, rather MRS. Schneider. When I got home I was terribly worn out from telling no one and everyone who the hell I was.

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