What a great party! I can't believe how good the food was. Best ever I think! Some friends even took leftovers home, a sure sign.
Tom had a great time. He brought a really neat friend up from school who everybody loved because he was talkative and funny. They both ate and drank a lot, and I could tell Tom enjoyed being the center of attention. We played our elderly version of musical chairs passing around a Beanie Baby rhinocerous until the music stopped. It sounded like a lot of fun, but I couldn't watch as I was the music stopper. Lots of laughing and pointing as each person was eliminated. Ironically, our friend Phil, who HATES games, WON!
Per usual, Mom got drunk, "I never drink this much!" Whatever. We all (well Baby Sis, Hubby, OC & I) made fun of her both to her face and behind her back. It has become a ritual at any family function to tease Mom about any and everything. In fact when we don't, I think she feels left out. Suffice it to say, I think she had GREAT time too!
The puppies were impeccably behaved last night. No chewing, barking, or pooping. There was a fair amount of lap leaping, but everyone loves them, and dresses with the dogs in mind. Kitty spent the evening on my lap, as befitting the queen, and had nice bits off my plate. (If this grosses you out, you are reading the WRONG diary.)
Work today stinks. I am transitioning to my new position and everyone around here HATES change. All I get is typical female nastiness and attitude. WTF? I am just trying to get shit done so this place runs more smoothly. I guess status quo is the order of the day. Too f'n bad. I won't settle for mediocrity!!!!
Who am I kidding? My life is a study in mediocrity . . .
We hired a real backwoods bonehead to take over my old job. She swears in the office (I work for evangelicals - der!) and even said the "n" word to me in regular conversation! I am no prude, but I definitely draw the line at racism. Hopefully I will not have much more contact with her.
More partying this weekend as we get drunk to deal with the pain of Baby Sis's departure. A "Kegger" on Friday I hear. Time to pull out my acid washed jeans and Rick Springfield T-shirt!!

Anybody else having trouble with the surveys??????

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